During your stay as a UZUclient, we will ask you to upload some documents for the sole purpose of verifying your identity, address and the payment method you use.

Do not forget how important it is to upload these documents as soon as possible and correctly to avoid interruptions in the excellent playing experience of PlayUZU.

We need from you:

Proof of Identity:


Official identification

  • It must be in color
  • It must be current
  • The edges must not be cut
  • The photo must be clearly visible
  • Must include signature

Proof of address

  • Household bills (water, electricity, telephone or internet)
  • Bank statement
  • It must be in color
  • It must be issued in your name
  • Must include your address
  • No more than 3 months old
  • Must include the issuing bank's logo

Cartão do Banco

When depositing with your bank card, we need a copy of that card before your next withdrawal; you only have to do it once for each card used.

Cópia da frente e do verso do cartão

  • It must be in color
  • The first and last 4 digits of the card must be visible.
  • Cover the middle 8 digits of the card number.
  • Have no cut-off edges
  • mostrar o logotipo da empresa/banco

Submitting docs is easy and you only need to do it once. Simply go to your “My Account” section and click on the “Upload Documents” tab. We’ll ask for additional document uploads if you’ve used a new payment method or changed your personal information (address, name, etc…). Ping the OJO Crew if you need any help.

We check documents as quickly as possible, usually less than 12 hours. It could take longer if extra verification is needed, so if you haven’t heard from us within 48 hours, give the OJO crew a shout.